ALDOMI s. r. o. was founded on January 16, 1996 as a company focused on the sugar industry, called CUKO SEREĎ, s. r. o. In the coming years, besides the aforementioned area of business, the company gradually expanded its activities into other related products in agriculture (grain, rape seed, animal feed etc.).

The first big change in the company's history took place in the first quarter of 2008, when the ownership structure of the company changed, leading to the new name of ALDOMI s. r. o. and the company moving to Bratislava. With a new partner came a fresh perspective toward a new area of business, specifically, construction materials. The product portfolio of the company has gradually expanded with new products such as cement (in bulk as well as pre-packaged), gravel, building steel, plaster mixes, bricks, roofing, insulation and thermal insulation systems and many others.

Another big moment in ALDOMI s. r. o. history took place in 2009. On one hand, our company started to feel the consequences of the growing global economic crisis, which especially affected the construction department of the company, while on the other hand, the owners' decision to steer the company toward two "new" areas – ecology and the internet proved to be a very smart move.

Currently, ALDOMI s. r. o. is "living" a standard "life" and as soon as something extraordinary happens, we will update our company history.